MedCheck Urgent Care

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm; Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Hatch Plaza | Plymouth, NH
389 Tenney Mountain Highway

Mon. - Fri. 8am - 8pm; Sat. & Sun. 9am - 5pm
Hatch Plaza | Plymouth, NH
389 Tenney Mountain Highway

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From coughs and strains
to bites and sprains -
trust our medical team
when you need urgent health care.

MedCheck Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care clinic serving Central New Hampshire. Our medical staff is ready to treat your urgent, but non-threatening illnesses and accidents. No appointment is necessary, and you will avoid the long wait times of the emergency room. Open seven days a week with extended hours for your convenience.

We are dedicated to offering you and your family professional and quality medical care.

seasonal allergies

Seasonal Allergies Tips!

May 17, 2018

It’s that time of year again. It’s finally warming up in most of the US, and your co-workers have stopped passing their cold and flu germs around. But the second you open your window to enjoy the newly warmed air, you’re hit with the same sneezing, runny nose, and itchy throat you thought you were…

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MedCheck Urgent Care Ankle Injury

Urgent Care or ER: Where Should You Go and How Do You Know?

Sep 1, 2017

You trip and fall going up the stairs at 10:00 at night. Your ankle is slightly swollen, you can put some weight on it, and you’re almost positive it’s just strained, but not sprained or broken. What do you do? Do you go to your local urgent care? Or do you get to the closest…

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MedCheck Urgent Care Cold

Is It the Flu, or Just a Cold?

Jan 9, 2017

It’s that time of year again. We get to play that winter game we all love – “Do I have the flu, or just a cold?” So How Do You Know? Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to tell. And, no, the answer doesn’t depend on how hungry you are. “Feed a cold,…

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Hatch Plaza
389 Tenney Mountain Highway
Plymouth, NH



Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm




In Case of Emergency

Call 911 immediately if your medical condition is severe or life-threatening, or have someone bring you to the closest Emergency Room immediately.  The nearest Emergency Room is located at Speare Memorial Hospital, 16 Hospital Road, Plymouth, NH. Learn whether you should go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.